Cyber Safety Quiz

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Cyber Safety Quiz

Yaksas Cyber Safety is an initiative to create a more cyber aware society. You can join this group to learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the cyber world. You can also ask any cyber safety related questions.

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Z is going to meet a person whom they know via an app. This is their first meeting. What should Z do to minimise stranger danger?
A. Inform someone close about the meeting
B. Carry a pepper spray
C. Meet in a public setting with people around
D. Go to an unknown location with the person

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You received an OTP and following it a call asking for the OTP. What should you do?
A. Share the OTP
B. Ask the caller why they need the OTP
C. Do not entertain the caller
D. Block / report the calling number
E. Check how the caller was generated the OTP

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Which of these one should never post on a Social Media profile?
A. Govt. issued IDs
B. Bank statements
C. Pics of certificates
D. Vacation plans

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The person Z used a VPN connection to access some content that is legally blocked in their country. Can using a VPN connection keep their identity safe from law enforcement agencies?

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Z received an email stating that someone compromised their computer. It also states that they recorded Z’s ‘sensitive’ videos and pictures. Next is the demand for ransom in exchange of not leaking those videos and pics. What should Z do?

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People can know your exact location from the photos you share on social media.

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What are the benefits of enabling two-factor authentication on online accounts?

A. It increases the security of account
B. It enables passwordless authentication
C. It increases the privacy pf account

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What is the name of the initiative by Indian government to detect and clean malware from end users computers?

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What can happen if your home wifi is protected with a weak password?

A. People can misuse the wifi connection
B. People can take over the wifi connection
C. Wifi connection can be used for wrong purposes

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Do you need to enter the PIN for receiving payment via UPI?

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A person Z used a shared computer to access their net banking account. Their password is a combination of their name and date of birth. Instead of logging off they closed the browser window. What all is wrong with this scenario?

A. Using shared computer for banking

B. Weak Password

C. Not logging out

D. Nothing

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A credit card issued in India can be used online for international purchases without an OTP?

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Dark Web can be used for criminal purposes only?

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In India, where can one report a cybercrime?
A. National Cybercrime Reporting Portal
B. Cybercrime helpline
C. Nearest local Police station
D. Nodal cyber cell

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You received a message from a friend on Facebook, asking for money. What should you do?

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