Cyber Safety Quiz

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Cyber Safety Quiz

Yaksas Cyber Safety is an initiative to create a more cyber aware society. You can join this group to learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the cyber world. You can also ask any cyber safety related questions.

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Z’s friend offered to install a pirated version of anti-virus software on their computer. Their friend promised that it will work exactly as the paid version. What can go wrong if Z agrees?
A. The pirated version may itself be infected
B. It can stop working any time
C. It might not receive updates

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The person Z used a VPN connection to access some content that is legally blocked in their country. Can using a VPN connection keep their identity safe from law enforcement agencies?

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Amazon stores, everything you ever said to Alexa, on their servers and uses these recordings to train Alexa. Do you want this statement to be True or False?

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Z searched for a product online. They clicked the 1st link and purchased it. The product turned out to be fake. What went wrong here?

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You received an email with an attached invoice for something you didn’t purchase. What should you NOT do?

A. Open the invoice file
B. Ask sender for more information
C. Click the link and make payment
D. Move it to spam


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Using a ________ can keep your information safe while connected to free / public Wi-Fi ?

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In India, where can one report a cybercrime?
A. National Cybercrime Reporting Portal
B. Cybercrime helpline
C. Nearest local Police station
D. Nodal cyber cell

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Solve the riddle: What is six of six digits / alphabets, not your birth date and must not be shared with anyone

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What are the benefits of enabling two-factor authentication on online accounts?

A. It increases the security of account
B. It enables passwordless authentication
C. It increases the privacy of account

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Z is going to meet a person whom they know via an app. This is their first meeting. What should Z do to minimise stranger danger?
A. Inform someone close about the meeting
B. Carry a pepper spray
C. Meet in a public setting with people around
D. Go to an unknown location with the person

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A credit card issued in India can be used online for international purchases without an OTP?

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Z received an email stating that someone compromised their computer. It also states that they recorded Z’s ‘sensitive’ videos and pictures. Next is the demand for ransom in exchange of not leaking those videos and pics. What should Z do?

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Z read a book. They liked it so much that they shared a PDF version of it on their social media profile. Did Z commit a cyber crime by sharing the digital version of the book?

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Dark Web can be used for criminal purposes only?

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Mr. Z used a computer to transfer their black money to an offshore account. This is a cyber crime?

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