What does Yaksas mean?

Yakshas (Sanskrit: यक्ष Yakṣas), were believed to be benevolent nature-spirits as per the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Literature. The folklore portrays them as the care takers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots. In Indian art, they are mostly depicted as fearsome warriors. The texts also speak of their dark side in which they haunted, waylaid and devoured wilderness and travelers.

Cyber Security Professionals (CSPs) have an uncanny resemblance to that of Yakṣas. Yakṣas were the guardians of hidden treasures, CSPs too are the guardians of hidden treasures, except that for CSPs the hidden treasure is data or information which reside in the Cyber World rather than in the earth or tree roots.

The second most striking similarity is the dual personality. Just as Yakṣas could use their powers to cause destruction, CSPs too are capable of using their knowledge and skills to cause destruction and chaos in the Cyber World. The texts named such Yakṣas as Rakṣasas. The Cyber World calls them Black Hats.

Yakṣas had to fight with various mythical creatures and powerful demons in order to protect the treasure. A CSP’s task is no less. Given the virtual and pseudo-anonymous nature of the Cyber World, a CSP too has to fight against demons which are, in a way, as mythical and powerful. These demons manifest themselves in form of crackers, cyber criminals, bullies, stalkers etc.

Treasure, be it hidden in the earth or in computers, needs to be protected. Additionally, the Cyber World poses risk to people as well. They need to be guarded against exploitation in the virtual world. To carry on the legacy of Yakṣas, we came up with Yakṣas Cyber Security Champions (CSC), an organization of CSPs, dedicated to protect you and your assets in the Cyber World.